FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Apeldoorn, 14-05-2018 – After a careful selection, DOK-ING, an industry leading Croatian manufacturer of remote control vehicles has signed a partnership with Apex Global to represent them in the Netherlands and Belgium.
“We want to lead the way in design and application of robotic solutions for hazardous, dangerous and harmful environments and it is our firm believe that Apex Global can help us reach that goal because of their understanding of the fields of operation and their wide-spread network of partners and clients within our target audience”, according to Mr. Vjekoslav Majetić founder and owner of DOK-ING.
After intensive and fruitful cooperation discussions, DOK-ING concluded that Apex Global has experience in clearance operations and the same drive to innovate, deliver high quality products and services and last but not least create a safer working environment for the men and woman on the ground. All in all the right mix for working together.
“We are proud that we have been selected to become a representative of DOK-ING. Our well-known experience in clearance operations and countering improvised explosives (CIED) was an important factor in the decision-making process, but also the same work ethic and having the same drive to create a safer working environment played a big role. We are looking forward to long-term and a good cooperation”, according to Mr. Ton van Langen, CEO of Apex Global.


DOK-ING is a 100% privately-owned Croatian company, established in late 1991 and registered for the production of robotized and special purposes systems and equipment. During first period DOK-ING was actively engaged in demining activities and has gathered vast experience in different types of landmine clearance, on all types of terrain in the Republic of Croatia, as well as in the surrounding countries. This experience was the basis for designing and manufacturing the first remotely controlled demining systems, constructed exclusively for humanitarian demining. As those were upgraded, improved and enlarged, the company has been doing R&D projects with various international and domestic organizations. Because of this R&D their remotely controlled systems are now operating with success during route- and area clearance operations and CIED. Trying to protect and secure people working in an extremely dangerous domain of firefighting, DOK-ING also designed a multifunctional robotic system which would help them do the job and be safe at the same time. Today DOK-ING is a company which integrates its own innovations and new technologies for the development and manufacturing of special purpose systems to protect human lives in most dangerous environments. Don’t send a man to do a machine’s job For more information about DOK-ING visit:  

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Apex Global B.V. has been a leading provider of tactical, specialist products and services for Police, Military, and other government branches since 1999, both in the Netherlands and abroad. Due to our absolute focus on quality, we unburden many customers through our products and services in the following segments:
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