CRRC Cargo Net


Securing equipment during maritime operations has never been this easy.


P3M delivers next generation gear for the maritime operator. From long range MarOps to Combat Swimmer equipment; our focus is to enhance the effectiveness of the operator in the maritime environment. P3M strives to cover a full spectrum of equipment and technology for Military, Police, Fire/Rescue, and Commercial maritime operators by offering new innovative products that are designed to be game changers for those who operate in the unforgiving maritime environment. P3M also continues to provide the best quality products that are currently in use in the field today.




  • The CRRC cargo net comes in 3 sections. The Field Net section is expandable and additional sections can be added as necessary.
  • 1x Bow Net (Webbing, 2-quick release snap shackles)
  • 2x Field Net (Webbing, 2-quick release snap shackles and 5- Stainless Steel Adjusters per net)
  • 1x Stern Net (Webbing, 2-quick release snap shackles and 5- Stainless Steel Adjusters)
  • Type 7 & 13 webbing with stiffeners in the front and rear section.
  • Powder coated stainless adjusters.
  • Web keepers for stowing excess webbing.
  • Stainless Steel, quick release snap shackles w/ black oxide coating


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