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Categorized | Breaching Training Doors

Ram Breaching Door

The BTI Ram Breaching Door offers realistic and affordable training for situations that involve inward opening doors. The patented Ram Breaching Door can be installed into a structure or utilized with our optional Free Standing Leg Kit.

Up to 3 lock sets can be simulated utilizing the patented system that replicates either wood or metal door/frame construction methods. Additionally, reinforced pins may be used in scenarios calling for secondary breach points (an unbreachable primary).

Ram Breaching Door

The BTI Ram Breaching Door is highly cost effective when compared to the use of actual doors and jury rigged systems.

The Ram Breaching Door comes complete with a standard 36″ x 80″ door and frame with provisions for mounting in existing frames, doorways or live fire houses without the use of the free-standing kit.


  • Real Life Training!
  • 1,500 Breach Warranty.
  • Simulate wood or metal frame construction.
  • Resets in a matter of seconds!
  • Cut breaching costs by up to 400%!
  • Increase efficiency by up to 800%!
  • Simulate up to three lock sets.
  • Simulate an un-breachable primary entry point.
  • Can be installed or used free standing.
  • No down time.
  • First Choice with Military & Law Enforcement – Worldwide.

More information

For more information about the BTI Ram Breaching Door including technical specifications, videos and other material, please contact us, or log in the Apex Global Online Service Center*.

The Online Service Center is only available for customers and distributors.

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