The COBRA glove is a perfect-fitting glove for optimal handling of weapons in the police and military special operations. Refractory materials against flames and pyrotechnics, and cut protection to EN388 (Level 5) ensures additional protection on contact with blades or penetration through windows. Highest impact and splinter protection by upper hand hardshell protector.

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  • Lining: palm cut resistant with metal and glass fiber (Level5 EN 388)
  • Upper hand aramide fabrics unlined index finger for perfect handling when shooting weapons
  • Hardshell guard protector made of carbon and fiberglass
  • Cut-resistant wrist protection
  • 4x elasticated draw cord on the backhand for optimum grip
  • Ergonomically preformed

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Black, Blue

Back of hand material

97% Nomex®, 3% Kevlar

Palm material

Goat leather and goat leather with cut-resistant steel Digital Kevlar lining